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    Dance vs Powerpoint

    "I think that bad powerpoint presentations are a serious threat to our global economy" says John Bohannon in his recent TED Talk from TEDxBrussels. How serious? Well, John estimates that at least $250 million in time are wasted every day in meetings where little to no information is exchanged because of bad powerpoint. Now I'm not so sure that his solution is practical (it is after all a "modest proposal"). But this fantastic choreographed talk proves its point: there are better, more engaging ways to connect with an audience than presentation software that too often gets in the way of the message and only serves to create an "illusion of understanding".

    So the next time you have to present ideas to a client, think of how you can get your point across without dimming the lights for a slide show, and dimming the thinking behind your ideas.

    [Click the image for a link to the talk]


    The Social Promotion Infographic

    From the smart and creative folks at Column Five Media comes this very helpful infographic for anyone promoting an event or planing on using social media to promote a theme or idea. When you are done looking at this, check out their free "infographics" app for the ipad or iphone.


    This is your art on drugs

    In our business, we often use art to explain the effect of pharmaceuticals. But this article by blogger John Bocek, you can see the results of a CIA experiment on the effects of LSD on an artist. There are several sketches, with notation of what the subject was seeing/feeling at the time. It's an amazing display. I've included a couple of the sketches below. But it's the full series that's so facinating. Check it out.





    Make a good landing

    It's been a while since my last post, but I thought I'd start off again with this useful post: What makes for a good landing page. In our business, even these basics are not often covered of on. Take a look and let me know what you think.




    Best Creative Brief Ever

    The above document, from Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol is a dream come true for creative types. Imagine if our clients had such faith in us and our abilities. Then imagine how much harder we might strive to not let them down. What do you think? Could such an open brief work in our industry? Would it be a blessing or a curse?